Beauty, a man made concept that associates a combination of features that are pleasurable to perceive to then be defined as beautiful. The pleasurable features vary across the globe.

This MBURI collection, explores what beauty looks like in the eyes of a Suri women of the Omo valley in Ethiopia. A tribe so close to nature that they adorn themselves with vibrate colours from nature with such great spontaneity using plants, flowers, and branches for decorative and practical reasons. They adorn their heads with different elements from their surroundings to create a crown. These elements which consists of flowers, leaves and wild fruits became the bases of the colour pallet of this selection. Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green. Their women perform decorative scarification by slicing their skin into

beautiful shapes during rituals to celebrate the onset of puberty, the first menstrual cycle and childbirth. This procedures are done using natural anastasis then ash or sap is rubbed to inflame the cut enough to swell up and scar significantly. The laser cut throughout the collection was inspired by this practice and the circle shape taken from the circle clay disc placed in the small hole cut into their bottom lip that grows overtime. They understand and nurture the delicate balance to maintain equilibrium between nature, humans and animals. They don’t only understand it, but live it.

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