MATIMBA (Strength).

MATIMBA (Strength). Our Aw23/24 collection is dedicated to the collective strength fostered in many African cultured including mine (Tsonga, South Africa). Strength in numbers.

There are many important aspects to the collective way of living in the African cultures. One of the most important is the sense of community that is shared by all. This sense of community helps to create strong relationships and bonds among the people. It also helps to foster a sense of unity and brotherhood or sisterhood. Another important aspect of the collective way of living is the sense of shared responsibility. This means that everyone in the community shares the responsibility of taking care of each other and the community as a whole. This helps to ensure that everyone is taken care of and that the community is able to function smoothly. UBUNTU

This fashion collection has a strong masculine feel, with a focus on structured shoulders and sharp tailoring. The color palette is bold, with shades of yellow, pink, and blue dominating. There are also some muted statements pieces in white, beige and black. The overall vibe is structured and modern, with a focus on clean lines, sleek silhouettes and bold colours.

Colours are very significant in my culture. Tsonga people have a variety of traditional ceremonies (initiation-coming of age, wedding, funeral, xiseveseve etc) each with its own set of colours that are typically worn and most found in our FW23/24 collection.

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