Judy Sanderson was born and raised in Limpopo, South Africa. Holding a bachelor in finance and wholly entrenched in the world of multinational companies for 6 years, Judy remained a fabricator at heart. Emboldened with a passion for art and design and an innate appreciation for craftsmanship, she went on to complete her fashion design studies in Hong Kong. In 2020 she launched her eponymous label JUDY SANDERSON with a base in Portugal where she currently lives.

A brand that champions her African roots and story telling yet mirrors her life journey through Asia and Europe to create a rich blending of cultures which foster an appreciation for diversity and inherent sense of wanderlust. She creates contemporary pieces for women who are not only fiercely fashionable but also own their power and femininity

“I create pieces that transcends fashion to inspire strength and confidence in the women who wears them. Clothes should showcase the woman and not the other way around. There is beauty in every woman and what I create is a visual statement for the strong woman in all of us. Because beauty empowers us even more.” Judy Sanderson, Founder & Creative Director


JUDY SANDERSON is a Portugal based designer brand established in 2019 by its eponymous Creative Director. The brand is an intriguing interplay of strength and beauty through contemporary and sophisticated pieces that are powerful, ageless, timeless and effortlessly combines function with flair. Judy Sanderson is a story teller at heart and every collection is formed around a narrative that will take you on a journey through cultures and time. The brand's ethos are based on Ubuntu, an African philosophy that says “Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu” (“I am because we are”). The oneness to humanity. Sisterhood. Ubuntu reminds us of the interconnectivity of humanity and that growth and progress of one only comes through growth and progress of others.

The importance and power of quality fabrics, expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, sustainable sourcing and production is at the heart of the brand.

Every piece is made in Portugal with precision, artistry and the compelling dexterity of the handmade in a responsible manner, while honoring traditional skills and combining them with innovative techniques and applications.

Judy Sanderson is a very conscience brand and operates a modern and responsible business. All textiles used come from a fine selection of high quality fabrics leftover by the luxury fashion industry in Europe. We are a cruelty-free brand and therefore we do not use any fabric that bleeds. As part of our social aspect of sustainability, all our pieces are produced in Portugal to minimise our carbon footprint as well as to invest in the local community. Craftsmanship lies at the heart of JUDY SANDERSON and we value the exceptional local artisanal skills and techniques. Our brand adhere to fair trade principles and creates a comfortable working environment for our employees. Luxury shouldn't be wasteful. Our patterns are designed to ensure the least amount of cut-off fabric as possible. Our hangtags are made from recycles paper and an organic cotton cord. We use sustainable reusable packaging that contains zero plastic. Our actions as a brand impacts everything and everyone around us, and that is why we have a continuous commitment to caring for people, animals and nature in the same spirit of ubuntu.