A festival of bold layers of colour that celebrate our uniqueness but weave us together. A sisterhood. This collection is rooted in my vibrant Tsonga culture found in southern Africa. It personifies the Xiseveseve cultural party, where womanliness is celebrated in all its forms.

Growing up in Limpopo, numerous times a year, women in my village celebrated Xiseveseve – a party rooted in adorning femininity. They would drape themselves in colourful garments (nceka), accentuated by a Xibelani (tinguvu) – a tapered, voluminous skirt wrapped around their waists. With its layers of vivid fringed fibres, this hand-crafted centrepiece would amplify the hips of both the young and older matriarchs. The women would perform dances and shake their waistlines in unimaginable ways as an awe-inspiring expression of heritage and pride. As a child, I would watch each thread of their Xibelani sway to the rhythm of the music and marvel at the unapologetic merging of electric purples, canary yellows, and rich reds paint the sky above me. The whimsical colour blocking would bring a rush of joy to the community, and through the decades, this legacy lives on in modern South Africa. The tangible sense of delight and optimism I felt during every celebration shines through each thread of this collection. At the heart of this season’s line, the spirit of confidence pays homage to the Tsonga culture. It can be seen in the strong shoulder lines of the Bombisani suit and the interplay between

voluminous and tapered lines in the Mbhuri dress. The idea of layering and body is a key concept you will see in many pieces and is an ode to the Xibelani. A wrap-around fringe midi skirt features within the collection as a direct interpretation of the traditional wrapped garment. It is delicate yet daring. This collection cuts across borders and body shapes and is for every woman. Our signature dress, the Maseve dress, flows effortlessly from the waistline yet still reflects a sense of playfulness with the juxtaposed cut out back. This piece is made from Lyocell fabric, a biodegradable fibre produced with pulp from sustainably planted eucalyptus and other fast-growing types of wood. There is an element of surprise in each piece that speaks to the bursts of energy expressed during the Xiseveseve sisterhood party. “Being based in Portugal, the pandemic has conjured a longing for my country and vibrant culture. While indulging in the nostalgia, it dawned on me that the reassuring safe harbour I am longing for was not left behind, but lives within me. The Xiseveseve collection is an outburst of celebration of my heritage reflected in colour. I extend the invitation for you to join in the celebration. This is one party you do not want to miss.” Judy Sanderson

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